Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Nagorno Karabakh

Karabakh mountains

If you’re looking for an adventure, this landlocked autonomous region Artsakh Republic (Nagorno Karabakh) between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the place to go. It’s the kind of place that’s so contested that not only does it not have an embassy, but its “Office of Permanent Representation” in Armenia doesn’t even ask if you want your visa pasted into your passport. They know you don’t, so they just attach it with a paper clip.

Stay at the recently-built Armenia Hotel in the capital, Stepanakert, and use the city as your base to explore the region.

Go hiking through snow-topped mountains and fields of yellow and red flowers. Feast on shish kebob and grilled vegetables. If you’re staying with a local, don’t be surprised if you’re offered homemade mulberry vodka with breakfast.

Don’t miss the Gandzasar Monastery, meaning “hilltop treasure,” built in the 10th century. Visit it at night to see it lit up in the darkness.


Video: Karabakh, hidden treasure (Artsakh Travel Commercial)

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