Winter tourism: Skiing in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia


The location of Armenia in subtropical zone between the ridges of central part of Caucasus Minor and the fact, that more than 90% of its territory at a height of more than 1000 km above the sea level determine the basic characteristic of the climate of Armenia. It is formed here by air masses of midlatitudes. In summer tropical continental air masses encroach from the South. In winter the air above Armenian Plateau is strongly cooled and the area of high air-pressure sets here.

Traveling to Armenia

Several airline companies flights are offered for Yerevan flights: Austrian Airlines, CSA, British Airways, Fly Dubai, S7, Aeroflot. Air tickets prices for Yerevan flights available here.

Tsaghkadzor ski resort

Situated very close to continental Europe. Armenia is located about 5 hours from the UK and around 4 hours from Germany/France. With the major ski fields of the Alps, Canadian Rockies becoming ever more busy with the increasing number of tourists, true and passionate elitists of pristine winter sports are always on the look out for new and exciting places to ski or snowboard.

Tsaghkadzor ski resort in Armenia

The town of Tsaghkadzor is located at 1750m above sea level on the southeast slope of mount Teghenis. During Soviet times, the lifts and other sporting facilities were built to prepare Soviet athletes for the 1988 Winter Olympics. The town was further developed into a ski resort and later fully modernized with the old lifts being replaced. In addition to the ski resort, the town is also known for the Kecharis Monastery.

Apart from the lifts the resort offers ski and snowboard rental as well as skiing instructors.

There are three cafés located at the foot of the mount and at the end of the first and second lifts.

Hotels and staying in Tsaghkadzor

Staying in Tsaghkadzor hotels usually cheaper than in other European countries. The skiing equipment is also not expensive which makes the winter traveling perfect. You can find hotels in Tsaghkadzor town here. Travelers also can stay in Yerevan – capital of Armenia, which is just 45 km away from Tsaghkadzor ski resort.

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