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10 Places That Deserve More Travelers

Tatev monastery, Armenia

10 Places That Deserve More Travelers
Head off the typical tourist trail to explore these surprising destinations.


Why Go Now: Few people know that Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, in A.D. 301. And Armenia’s ancient churches—massive, sprawling complexes of ruins nestled into the wildly green canyons and mountaintops of the countryside—are among the world’s best preserved.

Winter tourism: Nida, Lithuania

Ice blokarting on a frozen lake

Ice blokarting on a frozen lake

If ice skating on a lake seems far too sedate to you, skidding across the ice at high speeds in a small kart with a sail could be just the ticket.

In the Lithuanian winter, when the Curonian lagoon and other lakes freeze, locals replace the wheels on their blokarts with ice blades.

Winter tours: Husky tours in Finland

Finland Winter Tourism

Few experiences can match the exhilaration of careering through a bright white Narnia-like landscape of snowy forests and remote trails, powered by a team of super-keen huskies.
The Border Inn runs dog-sled safaris in the Kuusamo region of Finland, close to the Russian border and deep into the Arctic wilderness.

Winter tours: Winter walking in the Highlands on Scotland

Winter tours in Scotland

You don’t have to scale any actual mountains to enjoy a winter walking adventure with snow-cloaked peaks all around you. Wilderness Scotland runs trips in the Cairngorms national park among the lochs, glens and ancient Caledonian pine forest, reminiscent of many a Hollywood biopic, with stunning views of the Cairngorm Mountains.

Winter tourism: Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

In deepest winter, being outside in your swimwear might not seem that appealing but once you dive into the geothermal pools at Oravice, which simmer at a healthy 38C, all doubt will slip away.

Parents will love the relaxation pools and sauna, while kids will lap up the artificial waves in the sports pool and the waterslide.

Visiting Prague: when to go and what to see

Malá Strana

Beautiful year-round, Prague is busiest over the Christmas and Easter holidays and during the summer months. Prague is the equal of Paris in terms of beauty. Its history goes back a millennium. And the beer is the best in Europe!

Prague is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — have a look at each of them.