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Winter tourism: Skiing in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia


The location of Armenia in subtropical zone between the ridges of central part of Caucasus Minor and the fact, that more than 90% of its territory at a height of more than 1000 km above the sea level determine the basic characteristic of the climate of Armenia. It is formed here by air masses of midlatitudes. In summer tropical continental air masses encroach from the South. In winter the air above Armenian Plateau is strongly cooled and the area of high air-pressure sets here.

Krakow (Cracow) – Poland’s Cultural Capital (Photos + Video)

Krakow City View from Air

Kraków has always been, in many respects, a charmed city. With a history that dates back to the 4th century settlement of Wawel Hill, Kraków has fortuitously avoided destruction since the pesky Mongels stopped bullying the area in the 13th century, growing into one of the most prominent cities in Central Europe.

The most important city in Poland not to come out of World War II looking like a trampled Lego set, even the Soviets failed to leave their mark on the enchanted city centre during 45 years of supervision, forced to erect their gray communist Utopia in the outlying suburb of Nowa Huta.

Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Atacama Desert, Chile


The Atacama Desert in northern Chile may be one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. “You would have to be mad to live here,” said Fiona Martin of the Tierra Atacama, a hotel in the area said. Climatologists call it the driest place in the world, and some areas have not seen rainfall in recorded history. But the sights the region has to offer more than make up for having chapped lips and dry skin.

Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon city

If you want to go to Europe but don’t feel like paying astronomical prices, head to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, where you can lunch on a delicious baguette sandwich and fresh-squeezed orange juice for under $5. The best time to visit Lisbon is in June, when the city transforms into an outdoor carnival, with colorful garlands and lights adorning buildings for the saints’ days.

Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday Islands Australia

Visit the Whitsundays, a collection of tropical islands nestled between the coast of Queensland, Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Cuddle a kuala on Hamilton Island, where golf carts are the only vehicles on the road. Spend a day at the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving with sea turtles.

Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Venlo, Netherlands

Venlo Holland

Once every 10 years since 1960, the Netherlands hosts Floriade, an international flower exhibition. This year, from April 5 through October 7, the city of Venlo will turn 163 acres of land into a flower park. In addition to stunning mosaics created out of flowers, the festival offers daily educational activities, making it a perfect place to bring children.