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Niagara falls


Historically, the Niagara Region is one of the richest areas in all of Canada and much of that history has been preserved and is available to the visitor. Explore the Niagara Central Reservations site and see for yourself all there is to see and do in the Niagara Region. Take in the Niagara wine route, visit the resplendent gardens at the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, witness the passage of ocean going vessels on the world famous Welland Canal, soak up the sunshine on the sandy, white beaches of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario – there is no end to the wonders of Niagara.

Travel to Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin city, Estonia

Almost twenty years since shedding the Soviet yoke, Estonia still pulsates with the excitement and adrenaline of a fledgling state – and nowhere more so than in its dynamic capital Tallinn.

After centuries of foreign rule, Estonians have finally got control of their country and they’re determined to enjoy every minute of it. In fact, with the economy booming, cultural events rife, and a restaurant and nightlife scene that keep going from strength to strength, Tallinners have never had it better!

Lviv – arts and industrial city

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv as a popular tourist destination – a great European city, an integral and crucial component of the image of modern Ukraine.

Being a part of Galicia and a real Mecca for tourism, the city of Lviv in Ukraine had considerable historical path of development, having had terrible shocks repeatedly. The external face of the city, developed tourism, living space, numerical and national composition, occupation and culture of its inhabitants were changed not only over the centuries, but also due to historical changes that have occurred over more than 750-year existence of the city.

Tatev – Armenia’s tourism visit card

Tatev monastery, Armenia

Tatev  monastery is situated near the village of the same name in part of Zangezur – ancient Syunik. The monastery was founded in the ninth century in place of a tabernacle well-known in ancient times. The strategically advantageous location on a cape formed by a deep river gorge with precipitous rocky slopes favored the construction of a mighty defense complex there.

St. Petersburg beaches

St. Petersburg beaches

St. Petersburg’s glory is its beaches and fun beach towns. You can spend a week relaxing in any of them, or make St. Petersburg your home base and head out to a different beach destination every day. Here are a few to get you started.

For a family-friendly vacation right in the center of all the fun, St. Pete Beach is the obvious pick. This is actually four beach areas combined into one resort town with dozens of hotels, inns, restaurants, and a fun shopping strip.

Best Things to Do in Canada

May: See the Canadian Rockies by Train | Where: throughout British Columbia

Where to go and what to see in Canada?

What is the best place to visit in Canada right now? From driving ice roads above the Arctic Circle, to hob-nobbing with Hollywood elite, to surfing off the coast of Vancouver Island, we show you how to enjoy the quintessential Canadian travel adventures, from the famous to the unique…

Follow these tips and photo-story for more information on accomodation and travel opportunities in Canada.