10 Places That Deserve More Travelers

10 Places That Deserve More Travelers

10 Places That Deserve More Travelers Head off the typical tourist trail to explore these surprising destinations. Armenia Why Go Now: Few people know that Armenia was the first country in the world Load more »

The World’s Sexiest People Are Armenian Women And Irish Men

The World’s Sexiest People Are Armenian Women And Irish Men

The Huffington Post, By Carly Ledbetter It seems that Kim Kardashian is having a major effect on yet another “sexiest” list. According to a new survey by MissTravel, a destination dating website, Load more »

Europe’s oldest cities (part 1)

Europe’s oldest cities (part 1)

While many of the world’s oldest cities, settled around the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, are off-limits to travellers at present, Europe’s most ancient settlements are very much open to visitors. Load more »

2015’s hottest cities – Wellington

2015’s hottest cities – Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand BBC Travel: New Zealand attracts more than its fair share of visitors – both outdoors enthusiasts and movie buffs flocking to spots featured in The Hobbit and Lord of Load more »


Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012: Nagorno Karabakh

Karabakh mountains

If you’re looking for an adventure, this landlocked autonomous region Artsakh Republic (Nagorno Karabakh) between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the place to go. It’s the kind of place that’s so contested that not only does it not have an embassy, but its “Office of Permanent Representation” in Armenia doesn’t even ask if you want your visa pasted into your passport. They know you don’t, so they just attach it with a paper clip.

Hula Hula Beach bar, Hvar, Croatia

hula hula beach bar croatia

If it’s good enough for JAY-Z and Beyoncé, who both stopped by for drinks in early September this year, it’s good enough for a top 50.

At Hula Hula deck chairs rest against the Adriatic sea offering views of the stunning Croatian sunset. Come 5 p.m. this bar turns into a massive dance party featuring live DJs, dance parties, table dancing and Grand Prix-style Champagne showers.

Pelican Bar, Jakes Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Pelican Bar jamaica

When a place claims to have “the best cocktails in the sea” it’s easier to be cynical. But Pelican Bar really could have the best, because it really is in the sea.

Part of the Jakes Treasure Beach resort, the Pelican is built out on a shoal requiring a short boat ride for a visit.

Latvia – the singing lands


Latvia is the central country of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).
Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea with the ancient history and traditions. There are many interesting tourist sights which will attract everyone.

Mongolia travel guide


Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. It is a vast emptiness that links land and sky, and is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. The Republic of Mongolia consists of historic Outer Mongolia. The province of Inner Mongolia is geographically separate and located to the south in China. [by wikitravel]

TOP 10 places to stay this summer

Kahshe lake Muskoka Ontario

There are a lot of places, where everybody could stay this summer – Maldives, Paris, Havaian islands… but these are simple and popular places, where people are more than we would like.

National Geographic choosed 10 places which are the best for summer holidays in 2011.